Emergency Medical Services
When you call 911, we run out our doors, leave what we are doing to come assist you in making sure you get the care needed, and taken to the appropriate facilities. These calls can be anything from a broken leg to chest pain or even respiratory distress.
Vehicle Extrication
Unfortunately, not every car accident is simple and/or a "walk away miracle". Some Motor Vehicle Accidents or MVAs require a strategic and often times slower rescue. This is to ensure the patient's safety. We use extrication tools, such as the Jaws of Life to cut parts off the vehicle that are hindering the rescue. 
Event Standbys
When there are big events such as the Hunterdon County 4-H Agricultural Fair, Bicycle Races, Winery festivals, Dog Shows at the fair grounds, it is safer to have EMS already staged on scene. This way if something were to happen, we would already have people there to help.
Search and Rescue
Not every patient is found on the floor in his/her bathroom. Occasionally they are miles into the woods on a hiking trail or lost in a valley. When this happens we call in members from our neighboring companies to assist us with our search and rescue process. Teams are formed and head out onto the trails. EMTs also help with Rehab which is to help the firefighters and other first response personnel on scene to cool down after the rescue. Blood pressures and other vitals are taken and recorded to make sure that all personnel are safe and healthy.
Assist Local Fire Companies
In Amwell Valley, whenever the fire deptartment is dispatched, we are also dispatched to assist in medical aid and rescue of the patients rescued from the fires, motor vehicle accidents, and even on calls that are false alarms. We want to make sure that the entire Amwell Valley and neighboring communities are safe.